Henley Family Office Program



Full course description

The Henley Family Office Program is a unique online program geared toward professionals in the Family Office, Private Banking & Wealth Management space. The focus is on gaining practical knowledge about Family Offices from set-up to management.

The Henley Family Office Program comprises 12 Online Modules:

  1.   Overview of the Family Offices & Foundations of a Successful Family Office
  2.   Succession & Estate Planning
  3.   Tax Considerations 
  4.   Structuring & Set-up
  5.   Governance 
  6.   Portfolio Management
  7.   Operations, Technology & Administration 
  8.   The Private Bank Relationship
  9.   Non-Financial Services
  10.   Human Resources Management 
  11.   Philanthropy, Foundations & Impact Investing
  12.   Risk Planning & Crisis Management

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