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The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program is a Course

The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program

Started Feb 1, 2023


Full course description

Here you will find a selection of modules covering all aspects of managing a hedge fund. 
This program contains 17 modules covering various aspects of hedge fund management, which together make up the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program.  The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program is a unique course created by Inflection Point Intelligence in collaboration with Henley Business School and delivered by leading industry professionals to give you a holistic, real-practice understanding of Hedge Funds from set up to management.

You can take as many or as few of these modules as you like, and you can take them in any order.  If you complete all 17 modules, including the Quizzes, you will be eligible to receive the Henley Certificate in Hedge Fund Management from Henley Business School.

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